How many alternative addresses for creditors can you list on a chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Asked over 2 years ago - Paterson, NJ

how many alternative addresses can you list on a chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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    Answered . Many credit card companies sell their charged off accounts to collection agencies.I agree that you should list as many as you have but make sure to list the collection agencies so they'll be notified by the Court and stop bothering you once your bankruptcy is filed.

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    Answered . I will only add that, since there is a series of questions all from Paterson NJ, I expect there is a fair chance they are all from the same asker and I cannot emphasize enough that you really need to consult an experienced attorney. There are so many issues an experienced eye can resolve with ease that you may well completely overlook for no reason other than lack of experience. What you miss could end up being grounds for dismissal of your case, or the basis of a fraudulent transfer action, etc.

    That said, if you are determined to go it alone, I wish you the best of luck and I must say that posting on AVVO is certainly one excellent and smart way to get advice. The attorneys that have addressed your questions thus far are giving you sound opinions. However, remember that none of us can really advise you because we do not know your actual financial condition or situation. So, again, to really ensure that you are getting proper advise, and not just free opinions, you should seriously consider at least taking advantage of a free consultation.

    Make it a great day!!

    Karina Lucid
    (908) 350-7505

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    Answered . List all the ones you have. It doesn't hurt and it's not a lot of trouble...don't overthink it too much.

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    Answered . There is no particular limit to addresses, although the creditor often designates an address to be used for bankruptcy purposes, or to dispute debt with them.

    The purpose of the address is to give proper notice, so the most current for the creditor, are often used.

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    Answered . Start with your credit report. List every single creditor who has reported you to the three Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs). Then, if you have recent statements, demand letters, or other information from other third party collection agencies, add them too. It's always best to err on the side of being over-inclusive. Even if you know that there are multiple creditors on just one debt.

    You can obtain a free credit report every year by law. But you should be careful. The only truly free credit report comes from not from those ones that advertise on television.

    And please hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney rather than trying to do this on your own.

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    Answered . List as many as possible. I recently filed a motion against North Star Capital Acquisitions and 1 of the 4 addresses didn't work and this one was from a credit report. Those debt buyer addresses change over time but the registered agents stay fairly constant.

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