How long would a jail sentence be for petty theft? Would there be special accommodations for someone with special needs?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Las Vegas, NV

So I have a terminal illness which requires 4,000 calories a day and special respiratory treatments, I'm very weak and I look a bit skinny. Will there be special accommodations for me if I do go to jail? If you see my other question you'll see my story in great detail, but I went to the gas station, I was about to steal something (put it in pocket, but took it out) but I didn't, and I ended up buying it. They're now pressing charges against my family and I.They know nothing about me, except what I look like (we know they're pressing charges causemy mom called, but we have call blocker). If I do go to jail for this, how long could it be for?I have stolen on other occasions, but never got caught.This time I somewhat did, but this is my first offense. I've never gotten in trouble with the law

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  1. Answered . See my answer in the other post.

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