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How long will underage drinking be on record?

Richmond, VA |

When was younger caught a charge for underage drinking.. none vehicle related. but when got car insurance insurance company brought it up. i thought that when you turned 18 this was sealed? is this suppost to be and when will it go away

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Was your license suspeneded because of the charge? Were you given restricted driving privileges?
The charge may be sealed but your driving record is not. Insurance companies routinely" run" your record and charge accordingly. If you are charged with Possession of Marijuana and have a deferred finding, your driver's license is also suspended for 6 months although you may not be convicted of the charge. If you are stopped and have a alcohol content registered on your breath test, your license may be suspended even though you may not be convicted. These suspensions appear on your DMV driving record even though criminal charges. Consult the DMV website to see how long the suspensions stay on your record. You probably will pay a higher insurance rate based on your record. Good luck

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