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How long will a felony stay on your record in california?

Bakersfield, CA |
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my bf was punched by his ex in a fight they had. we reported her and she said it was out of self defence when he never touched her or threatened to for that matter. she has been going to the sheriff acadamy to become a deputy, and she is up for a felony for hitting him. my question is can she become a sheriff with that on her record? and do you think we can win with here claiming self defence?

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If she is convicted of a felony, she can never become a peace officer.

Even if she is convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor, she can never become a peace officer. Under federal law, a person convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor can never own or possess a firearm... and without the ability to carry a gun, she cannot become a deputy sheriff.

You are not the ones who will "win" or lose this case. The District Attorney files criminal charges on behalf of the People of the State of California -- not individuals -- because crimes are considered offenses against society, not just the alleged victims.

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