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How long time I have to wait for an interview ?

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My case was completed at December, 20th and NVC said that I have to wait the consulate to schedule an interview. I saw some completed cases (k-1) at the same day, be scheduled for january. Do you know if is there a difference time for schedule for EB-1 visas (my visa) and k-1 visa?

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  1. It depends on how many people are ahead of you in line. And it depends on which consulate if they are conflating the K petitions with the other immigrant petitions.

  2. It depends on the caseload of the particular consulate.

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  3. Every case is different.

    And, yes, there is a gigantic difference between an EB-1 and a K-1.

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  4. There are numerous factors in scheduling interviews such as the available number of slots at the consulate, is your file complete, some consulates only schedule during certain days of month for the following month. Confirm with NVC your file is complete. Normal interview scheduling time in our experience is 3-6 weeks after the file is complete especially for the busier consulates.

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