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How long till I get citations in the mail after an incident when no blood was taken?

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I pulled into my apartment complex got out of my car and was walking around it then a cop got out of his unmarked car and said I was speeding and he was following me. He asked if I was drinking and told me to be honest so I said yes I had a couple beers. He breathalyzed me and said it was double the limit. He never had me do any other tests though and never took me for blood or arrested me. He let me leave but said I will get something in the mail. Does it sound like he's going to give me a DUI? I'm also only 20 years old and have gotten in trouble for underage drinking a couple times. I'm worried about losing my license also.

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You may receive your notice to appear in court in the mail. If you get anything, you should bring it to your lawyer as soon as possible. You may be able to get ARD which would keep your record clean. Good luck!

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First thing is you should hire an attorney immediately and not wait until you get your papers. Secondly, stop posting information about your case on public sites like these. Third, it can takes weeks to get something in the mail. It all depends on how fast the police file the paperwork. Again, contact a DUI attorney where this occurred and talk with him/her about all your options.

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Definitely talk to a lawyer about the arrest. If you are charged with underage drinking, your license will be suspended. Again, hire counsel.

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I completely agree with the advice to consult with qualified criminal defense counsel without delay. From your facts, it sounds like your case may well be defensible should you receive a Criminal Summons for DUI. It's possible that you will receive a citation for another Underage. Having counsel lined up ahead of time makes sense to me. Good luck.

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