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How long takes time to get a decision from I290B?

Miami, FL |

I got denied from second B1 visa, so i applied for appeal I290B. I left the USA right after i send it and i'm sitting in my country almost 7 months already and still no answer. If anybody knows how long does it takes to receive decision for I290B? And also can i apply from my country for another visa while this appeal is pending? thank you for any information.

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It can easily take months to get the decision. The immigration courts are always backed up and appeals are really not a top priority for them. If you want to check on the status, call your consulate here in the US and ask if he/she can check on it for you. Sometimes that helps to speed the process up. You can apply, but you'll likely have to tell your country that you are waiting on an appeal and they probably will make you wait until that decision comes out.

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Shannon K. McDonald

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thank you for your answer! but does it exist any time frames for appeals? could it be even a few years? what is the longest time i can wait for decision? and also i called to immigration service a few times and they said that my case is pending and they send a letter on my e-mail which says that decision or any other action will be made within 60 days from the date of this letter. they sent it 2 times and still no response. i don't know what to do else... may be you know any other ways to to speed the process up?