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How long should it take to settle a lawsuit between me and the nail salon that injured me? My attorney is taking FOREVER!!

Grand Rapids, MI |

Hi. My name is Angela, and back in June of this year, I was injured at a nail salon while receiving a pedicure. I have permanent damage done to the nerves in my heel, and I called 1800Sam. The lawyer they assigned to me took pictures and got all of the medical documentation, and it has been months since he filed the suit and still nothing. I spoke with him 4weeks ago, and he said it probably wont be settled until next year. Why is this taking so long and is 45,000.00 enough to ask for? He told me when we started that it would be 3-6mos from start of case to payment, and i don't understand whats taking so long. The salon isn't fighting the case, so I don't understand what's the hold up... any advice??

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Lawsuits can take time to resolve. Since the attorney does not get paid until there is a settlement or verdict, there is no advantage to the attorney to put a case off or delay a case. The fact that the nail salon is not fighting the case may mean that there is no insurance on the case. I suggest that you contact the lawyer's assistant to set up a conference with the attorney to get more information regarding the case and the process necessary to get the case resolved.


I dont know 1800sam, but I tend to not put much faith in these big advertising firms, especially those that are high volume operations. I would consult with another atty if I were you, for another opinion. It is impossible to know what the status of litigation is without having your file. Litigation does take time, and ins cos dont like tp pay fast, even if the salon wants to.


The timing issues you have described are not uncommon. Lawsuits just take time and it is impossible to give you a precise answer as to what is going on in your case without being involved in your case. You really should follow Mr. Wolf's advice and contact your attorney for appointment to find out exactly what has been done, what is going on and what the future steps are. If after doing that you are not satisfied with where things are, then consider looking for another attorney, but understand that your current attorney will most likely, depending on the terms of your contract with him, continue to have a lien on your case for the amount of work he has done to date. Good luck to you.

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A lawsuit can take many months before it is settled or you get a trial date, so being patient is best.

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Everything takes time, and there are always unexpected delays. Talk to your attorney.

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As a Michigan attorney, I can tell you litigation takes quite a while, up to two years in some cases and even more if there are appeals. I'm sure that the attorneys for the salon are not rolling over and this litigation will take time and patience.

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