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How long my law does a surrogate judge in the state of new york have to sign an order or hold on to it until he signs it?

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I am so tired of this I feel my civil rights have been violated. I do not mean to offend anyone, but if we were a white family. this would not be happening to us. i won over 10 million dollars in a med malpractice and now my own lawyer has claimed i know nothing about how to handle money and filed an article 81 all because i did not want to use his boys to structure my settlement i had my own financial advisors from metlife had them meet together cause i thought it was the appropriate thing to do BIG MISTAKE my attor and his boys was all over them as if they were taking something from them. i was so embarrass. this article 81 is a smoke screen and the judge cannot see that. just because i had a stroke i am still of sound mind the judge told me that i do not need a guardian! i am a mother

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There is no clear cut answer to your question as you do not say if an order was submitted by the atotrneys or the judge is drafting the order. In any event, there is no set time frame.

This advice is not meant to create an attorney-client relationship and is a general anwer to the question posed.



my attorney who is a trustee of my funds had an order set out how my money is to be disperse and the judge is suppose to look it over and say okay thats fine. judge says i am competent but my former attorney do not want to give me money unless she is involved she says okay and now i am waiting 3 months and my former attorney is on vacation spending his 2 million

Lawrence Allen Weinreich

Lawrence Allen Weinreich


You can consult with the clerks in the Surrogates Court about the situation, The are usually very helpful. You also have the right to fire your attorney and hire another one. In addition, if you feel your attorney is not acting properly, you can file a complaint with the grievance committee.

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