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How long is jail time for conspiracy to armed robbery?

Edison, NJ |

Someone I know was arrested for conspiracy to armed robbery. She was the driver but had no knowledge of what was going on. Her boyfriend was the one who robbed the gas station, and he has previous charges against him. She was the driver and dumped him off and kept going and there were 5 marked police cars following her when she finally pulled over. The police also said it looked like she had no involvement, however she is still in jail waiting for a court date.

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Why just ask how long she is facing?

Why not ask how to win the case?

File a motion to dismiss.

She should have been arraigned and advised of a worst case scenario.

Until retained, this answer does not constitute legal advise, as it is based on extremely limited information.


A conviction could mean 10-20 years. I'd rather focus on defenses and avoiding conviction. Encourage her to or help her hire a lawyer.


She is facing up to 10 to 20 years with 85% needed to be served if convicted. These are obviously very serious charges but it appears she has defenses. I just recently handled a case with very similar facts and was able to obtain a result of probation. She may even have all her charges dismissed completely. Hire an attorney as soon as possible for her. Call for more information.

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Under 2C:5-4 a conspiracy to commit a crime of the first degree is a second degree, 5-10 years maximum but with a presumption of State time. The problem with a robbery "getaway" driver is that could be an accomplice and considered part of the crime itself not conspiracy. it sounds from you post that she may have great defenses. But until things are sorted out they will keep the high bail. She should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. the surveillance tapes may show her attitude in all this and her kicking him out of the car. If they exist they need to be preserved. I agree with Mr. Basner, think defense not visiting days. Middlesex is a county where you can get a fair trial and most, not all, of the prosecutors will listen.

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