How long is a sentence for conpiracy to distribute methamphetamine?

Asked over 2 years ago - San Diego, CA

So my husband is custody for some meth conspiracy he has never been in trouble before how long can he face minimum to max. ?

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  1. Vincent Ronald Ross

    Contributor Level 13

    Answered . It looks like the case is in Federal Court based on the tags in the question. The minimum/maximum time varies based on quantity and purity. However, sentences in Federal Court tend to be more severe than state court, especially with meth. I would need more information to answer your question accurately.

  2. John C Belcher

    Contributor Level 14

    Answered . The maximum sentence for all criminal charges in all courts is set by statute. Some types of federal charges have statutory minimum sentences as well. However, in federal court, judges are required to consider the federal sentencing guidelines, which are no longer mandatory based on a Supreme Court decision but which most judges go by most of the time. For drug cases, the base offense level is determined by the quantity and nature of the underlying substance. This level is adjusted, as for all offenses, according to other factors--such as your husband's role in the conspiracy and abuse of a position of trust--which your husband's lawyer should be able to explain.

    It will definitely help if your husband has no prior convictions, but on the other hand if he played a leading role in a conspiracy involving large amounts of meth, he could still be looking at a very lengthy term of incarceration. That's about all anyone can say without more information.

    A lawyer who knows more details can give your husband a more accurate answer and also advise him what if any defenses he may have and whether he should seek out an early plea or contest the charges, which certainly should be discussed before focusing exclusively on his sentence if convicted.

  3. John Leif Fossum

    Contributor Level 17

    Answered . It would depend on the amounts charged, prior criminal record, and a number of other factors. There could be mandatory minimums that apply, depending on the amount. He could be looking at anywhere from probation to life. If he has no priors, he could still be at a 10 year mandatory minimum, or more depending on the amount. His lawyer can advise him, and he needs a good lawyer right away.

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