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How long is a reasonable amount of time on a subpoena?

Orlando, FL |
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I am filling out form 12.931 (b) and I was wondering how long I should give the person to produce the documents. Is 3 days reasonable? Can I have them meet me wherever I wish?

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3 days is totally unreasonable and the court will not condone such a short time frame (would you not object if you were asked to produce in 3 days?). 30 days is more like it.

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I have seen Judges order for as little as 3 days so I did not think it would be a problem. I would not object if they were just pay stubs, but that is something very easy to obtain. Thank you.

Eugene P. Castagliuolo

Eugene P. Castagliuolo


3 days is a bit short in my book, but hey, give it a shot, see what happens. Just don't be surprised if the other side (a) fails to comply and (b) files an objection. Good luck!



Okay, thank you!

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