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How long does the "reconsideration" process a for social security disability claim usually take?

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my wife has been disabled for almost 2 years now after an auto accident. she applied over a year and a half ago for ssdi benefits and so far was denied on the first round. most of her medical problems were diagnosed after her first denial and now that she's awaiting the reconsideration review, there is alot more compelling evidence to support her claim. my question is: how soon til we can expect a decision and how likely will it be for an approval this time around?

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Some recent nationwide statistics from the Social Security Administration show that:

a) Initial Applications are denied approximately 65% of the time and these take 3-4 months on average to process, but can take six months or more.

b) Requests for Reconsideration (the first appeal) are denied about 78% of the time and these also take 3-4 months on average to process, but can take six months or more.

c) Hearings before a Social Security ALJ (the second appeal) are approved about 65% of the time - the wait to get to a hearing varies greatly depending on which hearing office you are dealing with (they time varies from 10 to 24 months), in our area the current wait is approximately 16 months (it has been as high as 25 months in the past five years).

In my opinion you should get an attorney as early in the process as possible as the fees are set by Social Security law and would be the same regardless if you hire the attorney the week before your hearing or the day you applied originally.

Contact NOSSCR to find a Social Security attorney in your area, look for one offering a free no-obligation initial consultation (most do) then meet with one or more and sign up with one you are comfortable with.

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My colleage has given you good advice. In Ohio, it takes 4 to 6 months each to get a decision at the initial and reconsideration levels, and then another 9 to 18 months from the time you request a hearing until you actually get a hearing and decision (that is down from 24 to 28 months!!). So, you may still expect some delays.

I especially concur on the advice to consider getting an attorneyas early as possible. Many clients can file a claim without need of an attorney. However, once you have been denied the first time, the majority of all cases are denied again - in some states up to 80 to 90% are denied the second time. By getting counsel early, you can avoid doing duplicate forms, avoid multiple exams by SSA doctors, and most importantly start making the best record for the eventual hearing you are likely to need.

I wish you good luck!!

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I am sorry to hear about your situation. I don't know how long it will take, but perhaps you should speak with your attorney who will know. If you did it on your own you might be able to contact a local attorney who can tell you.

I wish you the best of luck.

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All of the advice you have been given is very good. However, if it has been more than six months since your wife filed her request for reconsideration, I would contact your local SSA office and inquire. In my practice we track all our submissions and send them certified mail. On average the SSA loses filings or fails to notify us of denials about 20% of the time. Consequently, without proof, you may lose time and benefits. If you wait for an answer, you might keep waiting and waiting.

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