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How long does someone get locked up for elder abuse, fraud, auto theft, and unarmed robbery?

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My friend stole a car and robbed an elderly ladies house. He sold the stolen car for $7,500 and stole a safe from the house that contained about $3,000. When he knew he was on the look out, he ran away and is currently MIA. When he gets caught, how much time will he do?

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  1. No one can say for sure- but jail time will be part of any sentence . It is best for your friend to retain an attorney and arrange to turn himself in. The court would look favorably at this- rather than if he gets picked up and arrested.

  2. This depend on a whole host of factors which cannot be adressed on a site like this. Consult a local lawyer.

  3. He needs a lawyer. If they have evidence of any of these charges, he'll get at least some prison.

    Note that you don't give facts supporting a robbery (the worst charge you name). If the woman was not home or not threatened, this is first-degree burglary (still a strike, but better for sentencing that home invasion robbery).

    This is exactly the type of case I handle. Please have you friend call or come in for a consultation.

  4. Your question is a bit like asking, "How much will Facebook stock be trading at a year from now?" We can't predict the future and there are too many factors involved to be able to tell you the amount of time he'll receive.

    I agree with my colleagues. He needs a lawyer, especially if there is a warrant out for his arrest. I also agree that some jail time, possibly prison time, is pretty much guaranteed with charges that serious.

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