How long does it USUALLY take for my lawyer to get my health care insurance company to waive a claim for reimbursement of bills?

Asked about 2 years ago - Milwaukee, WI

My lawyer has already gotten me 100,000 bodily injury settlement from an accident but he is holding the money until he gets done with my healthcare insurance, he is trying to have them waive the claim for reimbursement of medical bills they pay out, how long does a process like this USUALLY take?

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    Answered . Ask your lawyer

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    Answered . There is no usual. A month tops probably.

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    Answered . No usual. Too many variables including the nature/extent of your injuries, value of your claim, amount owed, type of plan, state laws, and the people reviewing it for the health insurance company.

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    Answered . Varies with each company. Normally the Healtcare provider has a third party subrogator and they negotiate on behalf of the health care facility. I have been involved in negotiations that last three to six months. Be patient. Best of luck.

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    Answered . it really depends. however, i cant imagine you not being allowed to get at least some of the monies now pending a resolution. contact him and see if you can at least get some of the monies, especially if you have already signed the release and the monies are sitting in the trust account

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