How long does it take when plea is entered for a bench trial to have a court date

Asked over 2 years ago - Greer, SC

i went to court yesterday on cdv first offense plead not guilty and wanted a bench trial my wife did not show up and they continued my case i want to know how long it can be before i have another court date

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  1. Justin Michael Lovely

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    Answered . This answer depends on the clerk of Court in your county. Generally, bench trial dates are quicker than the jury trial docket. If you were merely granted a continuance, your case will probably be set for the officer's next Court date. You are probably looking at around 4-6 weeks. I would call the clerk and see. More importantly, you need to consult with an attorney in your area about the CDV charge. CDV charges carry harsh penalties and a conviction precludes you from carrying a firearm or hunting.

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  2. Christopher A Swaby

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    Answered . If that was your first appearance, then it was likely an arraignment not a trial date. You should have had an attorney appointed to your case. You should speak to your attorney about what will happen next. You should have received your next court date before you left court; if not, you need to call the court clerks office to find out when your next date is scheduled.

    Please speak to your attorney about your case. If you dont already have one, get one immediately. Do not assume that because your wife wasnt present in court, the case will be dismissed - it is typically not required for the victim to have to be present for arraignment.

  3. Charles K. Kenyon Jr.

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    Answered . You should consult a local criminal defense lawyer right away. If you can't afford one, you should ask to have one appointed for you.

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