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How long does it take to receive check after Auto Accident Injury claim was settled( already been a month since settled).

Tempe, AZ |

Its been just over a month since we settled on an amount for injury claim. The accident took place October of 09'. There are no Liens of any sort. If there are any answers to help me get a timeline on when to expect the check. It has been a long three years, I am ready to be done with his. Thank you.


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  1. Simply call your office and ask.

  2. A month seems like a long time. If you are represented, have your lawyer prompt the insurance company to see what's up. If you are handling the claim on your own, call the adjuster and see what the hold up is.

    Your claim is probably governed by one or more limitations periods. This means that you must take certain actions within a certain period of time to preserve all of your rights. The limitations period can be very short. I encourage you to speak with a lawyer who handles medical negligence cases in your area as soon as possible. I would be happy to help you find someone

  3. Is this a case you settled on your own, or did you have an attorney.

    There is no GOOD reason for it to take 30 days.

    You should have had a check by now

  4. Agreed. Call the attorney and ask if they have the check so you can come pick it up. If the insurance company has not sent it to your attorney yet, then ask your attorney to do something.

  5. With small accidents our office usually gets a check within 7 days, with large accidents over a million dollars dollars, we usually don't get the check for 30 days as it requires several signatures from the insurance company adjusters.

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  6. Assuming there are no outstanding liens and you have agreed upon a total settlement amount within a week you should receive either a Release Agreement from the responsible drivers insurance carrier. Once the Release Document has been reviewed and signed you will then want to be sure to make copies and send the original Release Documents back to the Insurance Company Certified Return/Receipt so you have proof of mailing and in exchange for your Executed Release Document the Insurance Company should then issue your liability settlement check to resolve the pending Claims by satisfying the remainder of any existing lien interests.

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