How long does it take to get a response from the Illinois Child Support in regaurds to a modification in my child support.

I have been going back and forth with my son's father about child support Since he was born 10 months ago. They ordered him to pay me almost $300.00 bi-weekly and he was fighting it saying he don't make that much and showed them some old paystubs from a long time ago so he was then ordered to pay me almost $200.00 bi-weekly In May 2012. I have gotten 2 checks so far but I am now fighting him and asked for them to verify his wages with his job. I know what he makes and I even showed proof of his current paystubs. I called and asked for a modification in the end of May 2012 I sent in everything they asked me for. So now I will like to know how long will it take before I will get a response on the modification and how long does it take for them to handle the back child support I am asking for

Chicago, IL -

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David Matthew Gotzh

David Matthew Gotzh

Child Support Lawyer - Chicago, IL

HFS backlog in Cook County (Daley Center) is about 6-9 months from what I've seen. You can file a motion yourself as it relates to BACK OWED amounts ONLY, or you can get a private attorney to do this. This process takes a week or two, instead of months, to get in front of a judge.

Judy A. Goldstein

Judy A. Goldstein

Child Support Lawyer - Mokena, IL

I agree with attorney Gotzh. Hire a private attorney and your case will move much faster. If the father is found in contempt of court, he might be required to pay part or all of your attorney's fees. Or you can just wait for the state. They will get the job done, but the process is very slow.

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