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How long does it take to evict me for not paying the rent?

Baltimore, MD |
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I currently pay $900 a month rent. my lease ends nov. 18 the landlord said our new rent amount will be $1679.00 a month. we can not afford to pay that amount. My husband and the landlord had words over the phone. The landlord said he was not going to pay the mortage and let the house be forclosed on and my husband said then im not going to pay the rent because we need to move out. . now all of the sudden hes calling for me to fax him a copy of our lease because he says his is damaged. but i know for a fact he doesnt have a copy of the lease we all signed.

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  1. Don't send him the lease. Just because the owner/landlord does not pay the mortgage and the house goes into foreclosure, does not mean that you are relieved from the liability to pay the rent. The owner/landlord has the legal right to collect rent and sue to evict you and for a judgment for past rent due, up until the time the court ratifies the sale after a foreclosure action is filed and the house is sold at auction. That process could take more than a year. It has no effect on your rental obligations. The eviction process can take a couple months, and even after judgment of possession is granted, you usually have the "right of redemption" by which you can stay in the property if you pay back all the back-rent due and continue making future payments. If you do not redeem, the Sheriff will give you a two week notice before forcibly evicting you.
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  2. My colleague is correct. The landlord's obligation to pay the mortgage doesn't affect your contractual obligation to pay rent under the terms of your lease. If you fail to pay the rent, not only could your landlord evict you, your landlord could also take you to court for any rent due and owing under the terms of your lease agreement.

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  3. The answers provided are correct. To answer your question of how long it would take to evict you if you don't pay your rent, it depends on how quickly the landlord takes action. The landlord can file a failure to pay rent suit. The hearing will be scheduled quickly (approximately 2 weeks). If a judgment for possession is entered, you will then have 4 days to pay the outstanding rent. If you don't, the landlord can then file a writ and have you evicted. That process will take 2-3 weeks, depending on workload of court and sheriff.

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