How long does it take the state to deduct the state tax from my checking account ? I mail them a personal check

it has been more than 20 days so far, does it usually take that long? what should i do ? I wanna make sure they got the money I owe

Cedar Falls, IA -

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Robert Thomas Hanlon

Robert Thomas Hanlon

Banking Law Attorney - Woodstock, IL

Check clearing is an automated process that with the expeditied funds availability act checks clear quite quickly from the point they are deposited in the stream of clearing. Physical checks no longer need to be presented, only images of them. As such, the clearing process is extremely fast. this is the principal reason kiting is quickly discovered. Therefore your question is really a question about the effeciency of the tax collector to present your check. Typically your check would have been presented by now. you can contact the taxing body and confirm reciept. In the future you could sent those important payments by way of certified mail or overnight carrier to ensure reciept and your proof of payment.

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