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How long does it take for uncontested Divorce to happen?? it was filed in family court on Feb 13 2013.

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I got married in Feb 2011 and it did not work out so she moved out in june 2011 we filed for uncontested divorce in august 2012 as we both hired attorneys who just wanted us to shell money left and right and in the end after a few trips to the supreme court it was filed on Feb 13 2013 so how long does it take as its 6/24/2013 and im still not divorced. is there something i can do so i can get an answer or speed it up or pay someone to get this done asap as its uncontested and its already filed.

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  1. The amount of time it takes varies depending on the court's workload at the time. 4 months uncommon.

    As an aside, divorces are heard by Supreme Court - not Family Court. You may want to contact the clerk's office to ensure everything was filed properly.

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  2. That depends upon the county in which it was filed. Four months is not a terribly long time given the budget cuts that have hit the courts.

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  3. You don't state what county in which it is pending, so no help there. It varies by county. It could be even slower if your case was heard by an Acting Supreme Court Justice who is actually a Family Court Judge.

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  4. Varies by county, judge assgned and current backlog. Speak with your lawyer who has the details.

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