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How long does it take for them to investigate food stamp fraud after i have reported it to them?

Midland, TX |

the mother of my step children has been collecting food stamps claiming that her children live with her. however the children live me and their father. i reported her but how long does it take for them to investigate her? i want her to get in trouble but when she found out that i knew what she was doing she made a comment that she was going to cancel her food stamp card.

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Contact the people you reported the fraud to and ask them. Then stop worrying about getting her in trouble. Maybe she actually did stop collecting food stamps after you reported her.

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I can't believe a lawyer would tell someone to stop worrying about getting someone in trouble. You MUST be a defense attorney. If someone is breaking the law, and you KNOW they (still) are- report it. It's a part of being a Good Samaritan.