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How long does it take for case status to change from 'awaiting circuit court disposition' to displaying the results of the trial

Frederick, MD |

It has been almost a week since the trial date and the Maryland public court records site still has 'awaiting circuit court disposition' as the outcome of the trial. What does this mean specifically and how long does it usually take to get the results of the trial posted?

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Your question is lacking some information. It sounds like an appeal was filed from the District Court to the Circuit Court.

If this is so, first question, does the Circuit Court case number reflect what happened ?

If so, you may want to call the District Court to advise them of this to see if anything can be done to update the information on the District Court case.

If no, I'd call the Circuit Court Clerk to touch base to see what is going on.

The bottom line is that the result will be reflected at some point on the judiciary case search. Good Luck !

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If you have some spare time, I'd suggest going to the clerk's office of the county in which the trial occurred. You can get a print out of the disposition of the case. Some counties update the case status ASAP and others take a little bit longer. Case search is not as important as what is in the court file itself.

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The Maryland Judiciary case search website is a fine tool, but it still has many bugs to work out.

When a case is transferred to the Circuit Court from the District Court, the notation in the docket entries is "awaiting disposition from Circuit Court." However, the docket entries for the circuit court case will reflect the District Court case number, which you can use to relate the two cases. Ultimately the disposition will be recorded in the Circuit Court case.

In many cases, when there is an appeal from the District Court, the disposition is not properly recorded by the MVA. In those cases, my clients will utilize the docket entries from the corresponding Circuit Court case, to correct the MVA, i.e. to remove points.

If you have questions, you may contact my office for a free no obligation consultation. 410-286-1220.

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