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How long does it take for a Suspended license to go into effect?

Shawnee, KS |

I plead guilty to a DUI on 12/13/11 for DUI. The DUI was from back in 07 of 2007. After I was arrested for the DUI they took my license, but the officer didn't fill out the paperwork correctly and I received my license back in the mail 2 weeks later. I have had a valid license ever since. Will they still suspend my license, and if so does it normally take this long for them to notify you of a suspension, it has been about 6 weeks since my guilty plea.

Did I essentially win the license hearing since they gave me back my license? If so, will they still suspend my license?

I ordered my driving record last week and it showed no indication of a DUI on my record, at least not yet.

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Yes, they will now suspend your license. They will use the rules in effect at the time of the suspension, although some changes in July 2011 can sometimes be brought into play. Yes, you did "win" the administrative hearing. Unfortunately for a dui to have no effect on your license you must win twice, once at the admin hearing and once in the criminal case. Often I see that the clerk does not send the conviction paperwork to the Department of Revenue until after the sentencing. The license is usually pretty quickly suspended thereafter. Does the Department still have your correct address? The reason your driving record does not show the dui yet is that your clerk has not sent the paperwork to Topeka.

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I appreciate your response. Yes, they do have my correct address and I check my license status online daily. Also my sentencing date was back in December 13th, that is why I'm confused to why I haven't been suspended yet..

Patrick Michael Lewis

Patrick Michael Lewis


That is strange. The driver controll bureau has been increasingly short handed over the last year. The governor's office wants them to do more with fewer and fewer hands. Maybe they are simply that far behind but it is weird. Usually once they get paperwork of a conviction from a clerk they get immediately on suspensions. That is the kind of thing which goes to the top of the pile. I suggest you contact you attorney and see if he can shed any light on it.

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