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How long does it take for a arrest warrant to be issued out in Texas?And what are the reasons for a warrant to be issued out?

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I had a police report done on me about more than a month ago. It was for domestic violence but I was not there so I was not arrested..I have not received any court date in the mail,no follow ups etc.. I am currently on probation for a class B misdemeanor for theft but that's been my only record, Ive had a clean background before that also. I just want to know whats going to happen to me now? What should I expect? When my wife spoke with the officer she had no bodily injuries was all by word of mouth.

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Technically, they have up to two years to charge you with an offense under the statute of limitations. Usually, something will be charged within a few days, but just because you haven't been contacted yet doesn't mean that there isn't a warrant out for your arrest. You might want to contact an attorney or search online to see if you have a warrant out for you.

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It is the "Motion To Revoke Probation" that is likely coming down the line that is going to be the first thing you need to worry about. On the "MTR" you do not have a right to a jury and the burden of proof is much lower than in a jury trial.

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Both attorneys are correct. I would contact your bondsman from the prior arrest and ask them to see if a warrant has been issued for you. If you're on straight probation you don't automatically have the right to a bond, but if you're on deferred you do. Be ready to fight the MTR because it has a lower burden of proof than a new criminal charge.

Hire an attorney.

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