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How long does an DUI case take to be resolved

Spartanburg, SC |

DUI 1st with cl

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It depends on the jurisdiction and the solicitor. It could get resolved in a few months it may take a year or so. I suggest hiring an attorney in that area to help out.


If you want it resolved fast, just go in, plead guilty and let them roll over you.


There isn't a definite answer to this question. One of the concerns with a question like this is what is the definition of resolution, e.g. plead guilty, trial, Deferment etc. There are numerous statutes that require police to follow certain procedures which an experienced attorney would investigate and follow-up for you and assert any defenses that you may have or act as mitigation for you. A DUI conviction is a criminal conviction, and has many collateral consequences in addition such as SR22 insurance for 3 yrs., fines, possible license suspension etc. I would consult an experienced attorney that understands your particular situation if time is off the essence and can assert any defenses that you may have to get you the best possible result, good luck.


It will depend on many things including what agency arrested you and what court your case is prosecuted. In Spartanburg, the Solicitor prosecutes DUI first if arrested by the Highway Patrol. Some Municipalities in Spartanburg County are quicker than others for various reasons. You should hire an attorney.


Like the answer to any legal question, it depends. It may depend on the solicitor, the police officer, or the court where the charge is pending. It may also depend on whether the attorney is prompt in communicating with the law enforcement from the beginning. Although not always the case, meeting the other side half way is usually a good way to achieve fast and favorable results.

Please be advised that this comment should in no way be interpreted as legal advice, nor should one rely on this comment in making a final decision about his or her case. Each case is fact specific and peculiar in its own way. Thus, you should consult with an attorney in-person or over the phone, explaining your particular situation, so that the attorney can render fully effective and competent assistance tailored to your particular situation.

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