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How long does an attorney have to disburse funds from settlement?

Fredericksburg, VA |

it has been 2 months since i signed settlement checks and nothing has been paid, the disbursement letter isn't complete yet, he just started sending letters for providers to reduce liens.

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for starters, you are or should be close to the end of the process so there isn't much you can or should do at this point. with that being said, if medicare isn't involved, 2 months is somewhat long but there may be a valid explanation. our office does hundreds of settlements per year. getting the liens resolved can take an aggravatingly long period of time especially if medicare or medicaid is involved. if you are dealing with a reputable lawyer everything should be fine. if not, there should be sufficient time to remedy the situation later. you might consider scheduling an appt to see him/her just to get an understanding of the process and what is happening. the lawyer works for you and should be happy to keep you satisfied. good luck.

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