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How long does a probate judge have to rule on a case?

Alexander City, AL |
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We have been in a court battle with another couple over adopting a child. Court has been completed for 5 wks and still no ruling!!

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    In general, this is not unusual.

  2. Each Court has its own local rules regarding the time period for the Judge to issue a ruling. 5 weeks is NOT unreasonable. Typically a Judge must issue a ruling within 60 or 90 days after the matter has been fully "submitted." Be patient. Alternatively, call the Judges Administrative Assistant and ask him / her to check on the status of ruling.

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  3. This is not unusal, particularily given the length of the case, the judge also has many other cases and matter to preside over, so it may take some more time.

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  4. 5 weeks is not unusual at all. If you are concerned, call your attorney or the judicial assistant, but be sure to be polite and gracious. Being rude or demanding gets you nowhere.

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