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How long do someon stay in jail for crimainal tresspassing?

Mckinney, TX |

i have a ex-boyfriend who in jail for crimainal tresspassing only because he was trying to come in see me in the child but now his in collin county with a 750 bond. what can happen if he doesn't come up with the money how long will he be in jail?

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It is probably a class b misdemeanor which means the maximum is 6 months in jail. If it is a trespass to a habitation or shelter, it is a class a misdemeanor for which the maximum time in jail is 1 year.

If he is not bonded on a $750 bond then he is probably indigent. If he is indigent, a lawyer will be appointed to represent him. If he is a first offender, he may be granted probation. If he decides to work out the case for a final conviction, then he can be sentenced to a term in jail up to the maximum with credit for all time he sat in jail on the case.

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Criminal trespass is punishable by up to 180 days in jail unless the trespass occurred in a habitation. A habitation generally means a house or apartment. If a habitation, the punishment is up to a year in jail. A person is entitled to a trial within 30 days or must be released on a personal bond.

This is intended for only general information and is not a substitute for consulting with a local lawyer. For general information on criminal questions, you can visit my website,

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Agree with the above. The $750 bond strongly indicates this is a Class B misdemeanor, so the penalty ranges posted are accurate.

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