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How long do police have to charge you with a crime before they no longer can?

Ossipee, NH |

My boyfriend got into a car accident and wrapped his truck around a tree. There was a case of beer in the back and the police said they were going to charge him with a DWI but it's been a month since the accident and we haven't heard a word from the police or the lawyer. How long do the police have to charge someone before it is invalid?

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You need to start looking for a criminal defense lawyer in NH now! The odds of your bf not facing criminal charges for this accident are very slim. You should plan on charges being filed against your bf within a couple of months.

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The limitations on criminal actions ((statute of limitations) in New Hampshire are the following:
- 6 years for a felony
- 1 year for a misdemeanor
- 3 months for a violation

Your boyfriend should consult with an attorney immediately.

Note: The above is general information only. It does not constitute formal legal advice or form an attorney-client relationship. You should discuss your specific legal situation with a licensed attorney.

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Have your boyfriend call a DWI lawyer. If there were injuries or blood tests it may take some time before charges are brought forward. Attorney St. Hillaire is correct about the statute of limitations.

It is very important that your boyfriend not talk to anybody about the case and that he hire the best DWI lawyer around. It is very likely that he will be charged.

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