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How long do I have to pay a car accident settlement? Can I make monthly payments?

Tampa, FL |

My insurance is covering their car damages but not their medical bills and now I have a settlement being filed against me and don't have the money to pay it

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Your question is not clear. What do you mean by a “settlement filed against” you? Is the injured party after you in person? Did he/she not release you when he settled with the insurance company? I need more info to answer your question.

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Yes my insurance doesn't cover bodily injury so they are suing me for their medical expenses. and no their insurance is coming after me


From your question, it sounds like you were at fault for an accident and you or your representative entered into a settlement or you were assessed damages by a court. Absent consulting with a bankruptcy lawyer, the best approach to resolving obligations is to contact the party or party's attorney who you owe money to and work out some form of payment agreement. If the obligation is from a court judgment against you, I suggest speaking with an attorney or your insurance representative for guidance.

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There is no set time, it depends what you agreed to. Call the other lawyer and talk about it. Or, better yet, retain your own lawyer to do so.

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Work out a payment plan that you both can live with.

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