How long do I have or how can I collect my personal belongings AFTER our divorce?

I left everything and was not awarded any property in the decree. I was Pro Se and she had a lawyer. I would like my personal items. I have asked her for these things and it is a game to her. I have several texts from her stating that "it's all hers now". What are my options? Thank you.

Portland, OR -

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Jay Bodzin

Jay Bodzin

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Milwaukie, OR

It really depends on what your divorce decree says. If no mention is made of who has ownership of these items, then in practice, whoever currently has possession of them will keep them. Note also that Oregon law specifically prohibits modification of the property division terms of a divorce judgment. This is why we discourage people from representing themselves - it has to be done right the first time.

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Matthew Thomas Majeski

Matthew Thomas Majeski

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Woodbury, MN

I agree with counsel on all counts. Check the divorce decree. Many contain a provision that will say something like, "the personal property has been divided to the parties' satisfaction". If yours says anything like this or is otherwise silent on the issue, you're likely out of luck.

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