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How long can you sit in jail with no bond before going to trial in broward county?

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

Is there a time limit? A certain amount of days that they have to get you in court??
& what if the person doesnt want to go thru a trial, & wants to take a plea? Does that speed up the process any??? Please help!

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The state has 33 days to file charges or else they have to release you unless they show good cause, and in that case they get 40 days. If charges are filed they must bring him to trial within 175 days the speedy trial period in Florida. Now there are certian extensions that can be granted in certain situations. If you waive speedy trial they can keep him in there until a trial is set which could be up to several years. If he wantws to take a plea that is something he will need to discuss with his attorney.

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24 hours is the requirement for first appearance. First appearance is when the court will determine the conditions of release. Sometimes 24 hours is stretched to 48 due to holidays or even weekends, but you really should not sit in jail any longer than 48 hours without seeing a judge.

Sometimes the State Attorney will make plea offers at first appearance, but no attorney worth his salt would advise a client to take a plea that early in the game, because without conducting discovery, it is impossible to have a complete picture of the case.

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If you have already been to first appearance a denied a bond, then you will sit in jail until the case is disposed of, either by trial, plea, or nolle prosque. If that's your situation, you might want to consider filing a demand for speedy trial.

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