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How long can they make you stay in jail for a child support violation?

Vidalia, GA |
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he thought that his ex dropped the child support recovery but she lied and now has him in jail for a year and half worth of back owed child suport because he was paying in cash and didnt save all receipts how long can they keep him in jail?

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This can be difficult and I have represented a few clients in his situation. Generally, how long a person found to be contempt stays in jail is up to the discretion of the judge. Unfortunately, often times these matters fly under the court's radar. In other words, if you don't ask for a court date the court may not review the case for some time. In the past I have filed a Motion for Release and at the court date if you show the judge that the contempt party has no assets and is not willfully failing to pay then by law the court has to let him out. Hope this helps and good luck.

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well there saying that he can pay 2000 dollars in cash to be released but he doesnt just have that lying around and they have not told him anything watsoever about a court date he is in the county jail how can i go about finding information on anything ive heard that the max amount they can hold him for that is 96 days but im clueless on how to go about finding out more info???

Jordan Jacob Hendrick

Jordan Jacob Hendrick


I am sorry I can't really help at this point. Your questions or pretty circuit specific, perhaps a lawyer in the area offers affordable consultations and can either represent you or offer some guidance that you can follow up on your own. Good luck.



ok so he is going to be sent to a 90 day boot camp and i have no idea what this will be like? or even what it is about

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