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How long can someone be held waiting extradition from one county to another? (same state)

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She is in the same county jail after getting time served for resisting w/o violence. She has been there 28 days total this county didn't notify the others I had 2. It's been 14 days since she got time served on their charge & has been waiting on extradition.

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Generally, when a prisoner is being transported between counties, the receiving county has up to 30 days to obtain the prisoner from the holding county. The clock doesn't start until the case/sentence from the holding county expires. Thus, the 30 days didn't start until after the time served plea.

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If it is within the same state it is not extradition. There is not likely a time requirement, but she should have her lawyer inform the court of the situation and, if nothing else, be sure she gets credit for any time served.

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Extradition is between different STATES and different COUNTRIES. Not counties.

Concur with Attorney Fossum.

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