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How long can it take to file on a probation violation

Oklahoma City, OK |

Ok I'm on dui probation in oklahoma and 3 days ago i got out of jail for public intox in another county?
so far they haven't filed a petition to revoke my suspended sentence does this mean they wont file or can it take awhile? i have a 1 year suspended sentence and with probation. my po said they might not file when i reported it to her as i'm required to do. how long can it take for the court to file?

is my po rite and they wont file? just how serious is this violation any way?

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I am only licensed to practice in Florida so I can only tell you how they would handle that here. In Florida the PO is the one that actually files your warrant and affadavit for violation of probation. So, if the PO didnt file the affadavit, it wouldn't get filed at all. However, it can be filed at any time throughout the length of your probation.

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As soon as it was reported, the process of scheduling a probation violation began. You should expect to receive notice of a probation violation hearing very soon assuming your probation department conducts it's business normally. Delay would be considered unusual considering they are aware of the violation. I suggest you contact your attorney or public counsel.

Although I am pleased to provide general guidance, I am not and cannot be your attorney. I highly recommend that you contact private or public counsel for more specific advice.

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