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How long can i spend in jail for a 3 bad checks under 200 bucks

Greenville, SC |

ive been notified by the bad check dep in the solicitor office im un employed right now and cant pay how much time can i get. i done the crime and willing to do the time for what i did. all i done was buy food for us no electronics

but the check was in my business name with my name can they just sue my old company or me

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Up to 90 days. (30 days for each check). It doesn't matter that they were company checks if you were the person that wrote them. You may want to see if they will put you on a payment plan.

    Russell Hilton

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  2. Before you plea I suggest you consult in personal one of the local criminal law attorneys who respond to your question or another listed on AVVO - many offer free initial consultations. If you can't afford one & you qualify consult the local public defender

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