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How long can I idle my car in a parking lot(Wawa/711 type of store)? Any thought's, did I break any laws?

Drexel Hill, PA |

I was driving home from work and I got a phone call from my friend(my car has hands free talking system). So we engaged into a lengthy discussion. While driving home, primarily my intention was to stop at Wawa store and get something to eat. Since I was on the phone I did not want to interrupt our conversation and stopped at the store's parking lot. So it happened that I was sitting in my car and talking on the phone about a good half an hour. It happened early in the morning 12am. Parking lot was completely empty. Then somebody from Wawa came out and said that I cant idle in a parking lot any longer. My car is not diesel. I simply responded that I would shortly go to the store and buy something, but person asked me to leave. It wasn't such a big deal, it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

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You were making the person nervous. Your innocent behavior, to a store clerk, looks no different than casing the place. You did not do anything wrong, and nothing will come of it.

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