How long can I have a visitor in my house I rent

I recently got a 3 day notice stating my boyfriend was living with me and is not on the lease he only stays 2-3 times a week if that . I stay with him the same. he has not moved in and I don't have a lease with my landlord. In November 2012 my room mate moved out and he never had me sign a new lease. so he is stating that only my self and daughter are stated on the lease. this is inaccurate obviously since no new lease was signed. Any ways Im pissed lol. I have rats under my home my yards trashed and un safe for my child and he promised to fix it but in the past year has not. As for the rats his solution "poison them and let them die under house and leave them" this is nuts. Also infested with termites !!!!!!!!!!!He helped me out by excepting me with poor credit but im a great respectful renter we never cause any problems and now I am confused wth to do.

San Diego, CA -

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Michael Ryan Juarez

Michael Ryan Juarez

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - San Diego, CA

Landlord may make guest restrictions to prevent guest from becoming full-time residents but if the restrictions cannot be so invasive that they infringe on your privacy rights. 2-3 times a week is not a full-time resident.

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Celia R Reed

Celia R Reed

Real Estate Attorney - Phoenix, AZ

If the original lease has restrictions on how many times a week or a month you could have overnight guests, that is part of the terms of your month to month tenancy.

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