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How long can DHS keep my daughter if there are no charges against me yet they are constantly looking for one ?

Fort Collins, CO |

i have seen 3 doctors unfortuantely FOR THEM the docs say im ok i do ua's still nothing for them however my daughters condition a sensory intigration disorder isa getting worse and this seperation from family friends church school and her pet birds is really starting to affect her emotionally

Attorney Answers 2

  1. You have had two answers to your original question which gave us little information. Are the doctors the ones that were recommended by social services? If they haven't asked you to plead to a neglect or dependency finding I don't see how they have jurisdiction to take the child for this long. AGAIN, you need a lawyer, not just advice since you seem not to understand the procedures in this type of case.

  2. I second the suggestion that you obtain counsel to actually review your case and represent you. The answer is that DHS can probably take as long as they want if you do not take action and obtain representation. If you cannot afford to hire counsel, you need to contact an organization like Colorado Legal Services Corporation to see if you qualify to have an attorney appointed for you.

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