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How long can county jail hold you for an out of state warrant?

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Person serving sentence in bucks county, sentence will soon be over however he has an open charge in nj that a judge issued a detainer for. Judge issued it so court date for a suppression hearing can be rescheduled. This person has posted bail for this matter already so does this detainer mean bail is revoked now? And how long does it usually take for extradition?

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Not to be facetious, but...

Extradition takes as long as it takes.

When a person is wanted by another state, he has the right to a preliminary extradition hearing within 30 days, then a second hearing within 60. Then, after a county court judge signs the extradition order, the wanting state (in this case, NJ) has a "reasonable" amount of time to get him.

What is reasonable? Whatever the warden at Bucks thinks it is. The warden has the power to release him if they think NJ is taking too long, or the warden can continue to hold him. There are no time limits on that for the most part.

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