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My boyfriend was taken to jail and went to court and received probation for his charge. However he had an ICE hold, and now it being detained for immigration to pick him up. The problem were facing now is the 48 hours in which they can hold him. I am being told that the 48 hours does not start until the jail notifies immigration, however it will be over 48 hours and I am told they still have not notified ICE as of yet. When you go online it shows he is in custody for the ICE hold, and states 3 days but when I call the jail they try to tell me ICE has until Monday or Tuesday of next week. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday we already lost a day and now I cant get ahold of any immigration attorney to help me find answers.

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  1. 48 hours is the limit. If that time has passed hire a lawyer to get him out. ICE picks up people 24/7 so that story you were told about waiting until Tuesday is BS.

  2. I agree with my colleague. Hire an attorney as soon as possible to get him out as soon as the 48-hours is over.

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  3. Yes, the other attorneys are correct, your boyfriend can only be held 48 hours. This excludes weekends and holidays,

  4. Retain an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that his rights are not violated. The period is 48 hours, but weekends and holidays are not included.

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