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How long can a hold be placed on a California driver's license?

San Diego, CA |

In 2001 I failed to have insurance/registration on a vehicle. Fine was too exesive for me (was down and out at that time in my life) and unable to even so much as make it to the court house (let alone be able to pay fines if I had). Fines went to maximum - Now totalling in thousand range - and a hold was placed on my license, shortly after, for failure to pay. I still havent been able to catch up to everything after years of being down and out and still seem to have a hold on my license. Is there any law that regulates how long you're being stripped of your ability to drive or purchase a vehicle equals or becomes payment enough for the "crime" you were being fined for? Can the fine be waived after so many years of not being able to drive? (Seems like I've been punished enough)

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If you never went to court, you have a failure to appear hold rather than a failure to pay hold. Failure to appear hold can generally be cleared up by appearing in Court. If you appeared in Court and were ordered to pay, you have a failure to pay hold which may require payment. You should try and get an attorney to lookup the case and try and get it cleared up. Unfortunately, there is no automatic clearing of the record, but it may be easier to resolve than you think. Often, the Courts will negotiate old cases. If they are set for trial the officer frequently is no longer available or may show up and negotiate for lesser charges. It may be a lot simpler than you think.

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