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On 6/3/2011 my fiance was brought to court for bond modification on CDV HAND, POINTING FIREARM,ASSULT BATTERY 2ND,ARM ROBBERY,GUN OR KNIFE,AND POS. OF CRACK COCAINE. His bond was revoked for violation of the terms of his bond they dnt have any evidence on any of the charges they only got the crack charge which they want him to plea to. He is on probation suppose to get off next year in febuary. Do you have any idea what will b the out come? He has a public defender but he seems to know nothing

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There is no way I could predict an outcome knowing nothing about the case. The Title of your question suggests that you want to know how long before it goes to trial. If he decides to wait for a jury tril, which he should do if they have no evidence, it can take over a year, sometimes as much as two years.

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There is really no practical way to answer your question without know the details of your fiance's past criminal history and the specifics of his current charges such as the facts leading up to his arrest, how law enforcement handled the investigation and his arrest, whether he made any incriminating statements to law enforcement, etc. As for the court date, we have a back log of cases in Charleston. If he is asking for a trial, it will be many months before that happens. If he is entering a plea, that could happen within a month or so. If he is going to trial, his lawyer can try to move things quicker by filing a "Speedy Trial Motion." However, even then, it could be months or up to a year, depending on the court docket and other circumstances.

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