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How long before i should file for contempt for back childsupport judgement against my ex-husband.

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he owes me over 24,000 and is court ordered to pay 742.00 a month and pays in small portions not equaling the amount but his second wife is getting her support on time every month and he travels back and forth out of the country and has different bank accounts he opens and closes all the time what else can i due Im tired and just want my money my daughter is 18 and just graduated from high school. How do they flag passports he uses his nigerian passport instead of his american. He also owes the irs money to but i need my childsupport any advice.

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Don't wait. Get an attorney and seek to enforce right away. The court may find him in contempt and lock him up until he pays a purge amount.

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You can file for contempt now. Passports are suspended by the U.S. State Department on the request of a state judge or a state agency like the Florida Department of Revenue,mso only a U.S. passport can be suspended. And, unfortunately, your rights are inferior to the IRS. But, as the other poster suggests, maybe the judge will jail him with a high purge (like bail, but it gets paid to you as child support).

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File contempt against him now. Get the arrearage determined and he will have a hard time traveling out of the country.


You should definitely hire an attorney right away to enforce the child support order and filing for contempt. If he shows up, and the judge finds that (1) there is an order for child support, (2) that the father has the ability to pay, (3) and that he wilfully did not comply wiith the order, then the judge will find him in contempt and may ask the courtroom bailiff to haul him off to jail right then and there. If he doesn't show up, then the judge will grant you what you are asking for since he was not there to argue his side, and the judge will issue a "writ of attachment" which is basically an arrest warrant with a lump sum that he must pay to get out of jail (which is called a "purge"). Once he is picked up and taken to jail, he'll have to either pay the purge amount or show up to court and explain himself to the judge. But, in any event, do not wait any longer. You might as well take action right away.

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