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How long after CE Exam will you get an answer in AL?

Montgomery, AL |

I'm a 48 years old and have over 20 yrs of work experience. I have aritis, diabetes, depression and Fybromyalgia. SS sent me to see both physcial and mental ce doctors. The mental doctor said I was highly depressed and the physcial doctor said I limited ability to work. Do this mean that I might get approved and How long before I know if I'm approved and when I should check on the status?

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    To expand on the good advice my colleague provided, I would add that on average the time between a consultative exam (CE) and an initial determination or a reconsideration decision is 6 to 8 weeks. The CE is ordered due to a perceived gap in the medical evidence records in the file, so once the CE is conducted, the report submitted to the agency, and the agency makes its decision a few weeks have passed. Yes, you may be approved, but if your claim is selected for approval, it will then flow to the Quality Assurance (QA) branch for a second approval, adding another couple of weeks.

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  2. There is no set time for a ruling on your claim for Social Security Disability benefits. It could take months, or even over a year, from when you first see the doctors Social Security sent you. If you have a lawyer or representative, you should check with them on a regular basis. If you do not have an attorney, you should consider hiring one, as there is no fee from most lawyers in this area to you unless you win your case.

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  3. Just want to quickly expand on the other great answers. During an intial claim for SSA, many times there is a very strong case but for whatever reason SSA denies the claim. This does NOT mean you do not have a strong case. Many times Social Security denies the claim because it does not meet a listing ( a way SSA determines the claimant is automatically eligible under the law). If you are denied, do NOT give up. Fibromyalgia claims are often difficult, so if you do hire an attorney make sure they are experienced in fibromyalgia cases.

  4. The CE examer should report back very quickly, but that doesn't mean you will get a quick answer on your claim. if you are approved, make sure you are happy with the onset date ( the date SSA determines you became disabled ). Often a claimant will be approved but not be accepted going back as far as one would like. You can still appeal if that happens to you, but in such a case, you definitely would want to consult with you attorney as to the risks involved in doing so.

    If you are turned down, do not dispair, more than half of the people turned down are successful at the hearing level.