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How long after a family court hearing does the judge have to file the judgement?

Santa Barbara, CA |

I was in family court where the petitioner filed a request and I filed a rebuttal. Will we receive a notice of judgement and/or will the judgement come in the mail? Thank you!

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  1. The judge takes whatever time he needs. The Notice comes in the mail.

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  2. If there was a hearing and the court took the matter under submission the court could wait up to 90 days to issue a ruling. After 90 days he has to have a good reason for not issuing a ruling or the state withholds his paycheck.
    Once the court issues a ruling that is not a final judgment. It is just a ruling on the issues before the court. A judgment would need to be prepared off of that ruling.

  3. It sounds like the court took the ruling "under submission." In those cases, the judge will mail you the ruling. The court does not have a time limit as to when they are to send you the ruling. If the judge made orders while you were in court, generally they will tell the parties which one is to prepare the order after hearing.

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