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How long, if any time, does a legal notice have to appear in a newspaper before I will be evicted from my house?

Vancouver, WA |
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I was foreclosed upon in 8-8-10. Fannie mae, took over. Chase was my lender. I have paperwork asing for documents to be in 30 days from the date of the letter-- 9-17-10. Fannie mae took over the remodification but yet again nothing but hassles. I recently talked to fannie mae's lawyer and was told a legal notice was to appear in the paper. I have not seen one. Where do I stand?

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Based on your explanation, I doubt that you were actually "foreclosed upon." Foreclosure is the process leading to a sale of your property to satisfy the loan. In Washington the foreclosure process requires publication of notices prior to a sale of your property by a trustee. After the foreclosure sale there is no more loan because someone else owns the property. After the foreclosure sale no notices need to be published.

Since you are still having discussions concerning loan modification of your loan and some attorney represeting a lender is telling you that a notice must still be published, there probably has been no foreclosure sale.

I suggest you take any correspondence or other documents you have received concerning your loan to an attorney who can give you advice after reviewing your documents. Many attorneys will offer a free initial consultation to let you know what options you have. The Washington State Bar Association has a Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project connecting people who need help to volunteer attorneys.

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I agree that your question is very unclear. If you are indeed being evicted, you would have been served with a summons and a complaint. Review that paperwork to find the phone number for the court. The help desk at the court may be able to give you some information. They will not give legal advice, but they will likely tell you procedural steps and timelines. Often these courts have self-help packets that will explain the process of eviction by explaining what papers you must file and the relevant time frames.

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