How likely is it that i will go to jail or prison?

I gave my sister my bank card/i.d. in exchange for a little money (400), she deposited 4 (stolen) checks totaling 4k, then withdrew funds (found all this out later).I never went to any bank, or signed my name on anything! It was all her and SHE'S on camera. I cooperated from day one she didn't. I'm charged with forgery in the 1st degree/theft by taking, and she has 2 of each charge. I have no record and 4 lawyers gave me a phone consultation and said Ill PROBABLY get probation/restitution. Also, is it too late if she tells them I had NOTHING to do with it? I know its lying, but I have a lot more to lose than her. They have no physical evidence that I actually received anything just my statement stating that I did. Please help, thanks.

Decatur, GA -

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Brett Ladd

Brett Ladd

Criminal Defense Attorney - Woodstock, GA

Get an attorney immediately. A good one ought to be able to work it out so that you don't even get probation. That's my opinion, anyway, and I know there are lots of good lawyers in your county.

Good luck

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Morris Hugh Wiltshire Jr.

Morris Hugh Wiltshire Jr.

Criminal Defense Attorney - Athens, GA

Based on the facts you provided it will be extremely difficult for a prosecutor to prove you were guilty of any violation of law sufficient to cause you to be sent to prison. It sounds like the four lawyers you have already spoken to were on the right track.

Adam Sean Cohen

Adam Sean Cohen

Criminal Defense Attorney - Baltimore, MD

The State has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the offenses that you are charged with. If you cooperated and gave a statement then you may have already made the State's case.


Your role in the grand scheme of the crime as well as all the good things you have done in your life are factors that will determine if you face incarceration.

Generally speaking, the "better" you have been in your life the more likely a judge will give you a "break".

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