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How likely is it for a man with these charges, MAN DEL CS PG 3/4 <28G ,INSUFFICIENT BOND - POSS MARIJ <2OZ ,AGG ROBBERY to get

Desoto, TX |

off on probation/parole

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  1. It depends - not on the charges but the facts and evidence.

  2. It does depend on the facts of the cases. It also depends on the person's criminal history, whether all the offenses arise out of the same incident, the mental health/drug history of the defendant, the age of the defendant, and a variety of other things.
    The best thing to do is contact a criminal defense attorney who regularly practices in your county.

  3. Since you are located in Dallas County I will assume your question pertains to this area.

    I further assume that this person is guilty and that the cases can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Of course it depends on the facts and prior record. Assuming no prior history of felony conviction this person is ELIGIBLE for probation under the law. However it is very rare for a person to receive an offer of probation for Aggravated Robbery in Dallas County. That means that to obtain probation the client can ask a judge or jury for probation. This can be a risky business since there are no guarantees and the client can be sentenced to the desired deferred adjudication(judge) or probation(jury), but if the judge/jury rejects the probation alternative then the client can receive a sentence anywhere between five and ninety-nine years in jail. A person has to serve one half of the actual sentence before even being eligible for parole.

  4. The result will be a function of the facts of the case and the quality of the lawyering.

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